Learn how managed futures can potentially enhance returns and lower the overall volatility of a diversified investment portfolio.

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What differentiates managed futures and other alternative investments?

Managed futures are transparent, highly liquid, and regulated by the National Futures Association and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Investments in commodities and managed futures have the potential to provide “Alpha” or value added absolute returns that are non-correlated from traditional portfolios invested in stocks and bonds. Commodity investments also offer the potential for insurance against uncertain rate environments, inflation, and market crisis periods.

Managed futures are a flexible alternative investment vehicle

  • Allows the opportunity for clients to broadly diversify across global markets
  • Balance, enhance returns, and decrease volatility of an entire portfolio
  • Successful institutions use them - Pension plans, Endowments, Foundations
  • Trade in a regulated marketplace with creditworthy CTA / CPO pools
  • Invest with professionals that have proven track records & follow in real-time

Traders / Porfolio Fund Managers

Oahu Capital is a registered Commodity Trade Advisor and member of the National Futures Association.  We have offices in Hawaii and Singapore.

If you are a U.S. fund manager looking for cost effective solutions to operate a private portfolio with the infrastructure of a fund give us a call.  A major challenge is managing with proper controls in corporate governance, compliance and risk. 

We may be able to offer suggestions where fund/portfolio managers can focus their attention on achieving the best performance for their investors at home and abroad.  Alleviate the complexities and distractions of overseeing the business operations of the fund and management company. Expand your reach to global markets and investors.

Futures Funds & Accredited Investors

Oahu Capital offers managed futures programs for individuals and accredited investors.

If you are an accredited investor, please check the box on our sign up form.  We will be happy to provide Log in access to our secured site with premier futures funds.

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