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We strive to be more than just another firm offering a list of CTA (commodity trade advisor) programs for you to choose from.  In today's age of digital media and support, our clients need immediate access to answers without having to hunt for the right account manager or department for a response. is a website designed and managed by our education partner Oahu Capital Group (Asia) Pvt. Ltd. located in Singapore.  Its team draws from best practices used by trading professionals across financial markets on software, strategies & practical market research helping traders with objective and credible intelligence.

Looking for the answers you need can be time consuming, costly and inefficient when hunting for the right resources.  Learning resources organized at Oahu Education offers easy self directed navigation to a weath of information at your fingertips.

Oahu Education's mission is to find and develop talented traders in commodity and financial futures markets! Each week brief online sessions are hosted showcasing professional strategies and services with best practices to improve trading performance and structure. Ultimately, Oahu aims to bring their talents to World Cup Advisor or an institutional managed futures structure.

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